Can we draw an annotation with fixed angle?

I am using area measurement and line measurement tool. So while drawing an annotation, it should draw with the multiples of an 45Deg. as an internal annotation angle. Ex. 45,90,etc.
Is this possible to do?

I am here drawing an annotation using getTool method.

Hi there!

If you are drawing the annotation in the UI you can hold the shift key while drawing the annotation, this will lock the annotation to certain increments.

If you are drawing it programmatically, you’ll have to do some math to ensure your points make a 45/90 degree angle.


Here I am drawing annotations manually by setToolMode(tool).
I want to set an angle like 45Deg. constantly until an annotation is completely drawn without pressing shift button.
Please let me know if it is possible?

Unfortunately we do not have an easy way to do this right now as there is quite a bit of pretty complex math involved.

However this would be a pretty easy API for us to add, so we’ll look into adding it in a future release!


Thanks. We need this API actually. We will wait.

Is there any specific date that we can expect next version launch?


I can’t give you an exact timeline/date but we usually release a patch once every ~2 weeks. We have a few bugs to fix up so we’ll try and release a patch even sooner.