7.1.0 Error - Cannot read property call of undefined

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
After updating to 7.1.0 I am getting these issues, I was using 7.0.1 before.

Expected behaviour
To load the same way before 7.1.0
I reverted back to 7.0.1 and it is now successfully loading.

Code snippet
Im just using the default getting started snippet

            path: 'Content/Imports/PDFExpress/lib', // path to the PDF.js Express'lib' folder on your server
            licenseKey: 'Insert commercial license key here after purchase',
            initialDoc: 'https://pdftron.s3.amazonaws.com/downloads/pl/webviewer-demo.pdf',
            // initialDoc: '/path/to/my/file.pdf',  // You can also use documents on your server
        }, document.getElementById('viewer'))
            .then(instance => {
                const docViewer = instance.docViewer;
                const annotManager = instance.annotManager;
                // call methods from instance, docViewer and annotManager as needed

                // you can also access major namespaces from the instance as follows:
                // const Tools = instance.Tools;
                // const Annotations = instance.Annotations;

                docViewer.on('documentLoaded', () => {
                    // call methods relating to the loaded document

Hey there!

Can you please make sure all the old assets from 7.0.1 were deleted before upgrading. This includes clearing your cache, deleting the lib folder, etc.

We recommend naming the folder you store the library in after the version. So instead of Content/Imports/PDFExpress/lib you would do Content/Imports/PDFExpress/7.1.0/lib. This ensures the cache is reset after each upgrade.