PDF.js Express 7.1.1

Hi everyone!

We are happy to release patch 7.1.1 with many many bug fixes.

Some notable bugfixes are:

  • Fixed anntotations being transformed/rotated when printing #298 #270
  • Fixed page crashes when in fit to width mode #294
  • Fixed issue where annotations would disappear if the rotate control handle was above them. #292

You can view the full changelog here.

Thank you everyone for using Express!

Hi Logan,

We’ve just upgraded coming from 7.1.0 and we cannot load documents anymore with either isReadOnly set to true or enableAnnotations set to false. A combination of both also doesn’t work.

CoreControls.js:188 TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
    at webviewer-ui.min.js:50
    at ba.<anonymous> (webviewer-ui.min.js:221)
    at CoreControls.js:469
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at ba.f.trigger (CoreControls.js:468)
    at ba.U1 (CoreControls.js:329)
    at Object.setReadOnly (webviewer-ui.min.js:50)
    at webviewer-ui.min.js:221
    at webviewer-ui.min.js:221

This error completely kills the editor, we of course rolled back for now but would be good to fix this regression.

Thanks Alex, we’ll fix this ASAP!

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Sorry about that everyone! The regression is fixed in 7.1.2.

Ping @alex


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