Can't make "Comment" annotations read-only

PDF.js Express Version 1.7

Detailed description of issue
I’m trying to let our users download read-only versions of their PDFs. I tried the idea on this other thread and when I look at the final XFDF file, it looks like all link/etc. annotations get set to read-only. But “Comment” annotations never do. Is there a way to make these read-only?

I’ve tried the following two methods to make the entire document read-only:

const list = annotManager.getAnnotationsList({ links: false, widgets: false });
list.forEach(item => {
   item.ReadOnly = true

and just setting the entire instance to read-only before exporting the annotations:


Looking forward to help with this. Thanks.

Hi @psilva!

I’ll take a look at this and get back to you soon. Odds are its an issue on our end.