Change the name of an element

I needed to know the name of an element is it possible?
and then retrieve the rect dimensions later or emit events every time that rect dimension changes


      const stampAnnot = new this.annotations.StampAnnotation();
      stampAnnot.PageNumber = 1;
      stampAnnot.X = 100;
      stampAnnot.Y = 250;
      stampAnnot.Width = 275;
      stampAnnot.Height = 275 * 0.359;

      const keepAsSVG = false;
      const svgData = await fetch(this.stamp + '/svg').then(r => r.text());
      stampAnnot.setImageData('data:image/svg+xml,' + encodeURIComponent(svgData), keepAsSVG);

      stampAnnot.Author = this.annotManager.getCurrentUser();
      stampAnnot.Rotation = 0;


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The name of the annotation is the ID of the annotation. If you need to access specific annotations, we recommend you use the setCustomData method of the annotation:

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