Exported XFDF may not be following XFDF specification

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Plus

PDF.js Express Version

UI version ‘8.7.0’
Core version ‘8.7.4’
webviewer.min.js ‘8.7.4’

Detailed description of issue
I created a freetext annotation with pdf.js express plus, then exported as xfdf using annotationManager.exportAnnotations(). I attached the exported xfdf as exported.xfdf.
Then, I imported the xfdf using Acrobat reader onto a pdf. I attached how it looks after importing the xfdf as before_editting.png.
When I double clicked the annotation to edit, it shows body tag and span tag. I attached how it looks after double clicking the annotation as while_editting.png.

Expected behaviour
When I double click the annotation to edit using adobe reader, xml tags should not show.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
This occurs on every document.

Link to document

Code snippet
We believe this is because of the body tag of contents-richtext in the exported xfdf. On page 9 at Annotation with popup text of the XFDF specification document, the body tag contains xml attributes, where the exported xfdf does not contain any.

attachments.zip (69.7 KB)

Hello hiraki,

I was unable to reproduce this with our latest version, can you try updating?
I see the versions mismatched in post you provided

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Hi tgordon,

Sorry for the late reply.
We tries reinstalling pdf.js express using npm i @pdftron/webviewer, however, on chrome developer’s console it still gives me mismatched versions. Do all versions match in your environment?

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I replied with a wrong account, but this is me.

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