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I am trying to display a small PDF inside a webpage with the ability to open the PDF full screen. I am exploring PDF.js Express Viewer as an alternative to an undocumented Google viewer that is not 100% reliable. The Getting Started instructions do not state where the code should be extracted. The initial index.html code suggests that the PFD.js code is installed in the document root, but the code to instantiate the viewer looks for it in a WebViewer folder. I got the code to load the default PDF - the iframe is the width of the screen but only uses the top 1/6 of the screen (first page of PDF displayed at 15%), different from the screenshot. Adjusting the width/height in the

does nothing. The demo works properly - when I inspected the code, the
has no width/height and viewing.js is quite different from the Getting Started code.

I freely admit that my JavaScript knowledge is virtually zero. I did not go through the npm install/start since I have a web server where I can install and test code.

Hi there,

First the HTML will need to reference the extracted lib folder in your project directory:

<script src='/lib/webviewer.min.js'></script>

Then the body tag here will determine with width/height of the viewer:

  <div id='viewer' style={{"width":"1024px","height":"600px","margin":"0 auto"}}></div>

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