How to add Cloud annotation programatically?

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How can I add the cloud annotations programmatically ?

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I am adding simple polygon tool like below how to add cloud annotations ?

const createPolygonAnnotations = (annotationData: any, doc: any, Annotations: any, annotationsManger: any) => {
        const polygonAnnotation = new Annotations.PolygonAnnotation();
        polygonAnnotation.PageNumber = Number(;
        const vertices = convertToCoordinateObjects(annotationData.coordinates) = vertices
        polygonAnnotation.CustomData = {
          addedType: 'programmatically',

return polygonAnnotation;


Hi Shahid,

To clarify, are you referring to this tool in the shapes ribbon group?

Best Regards,

Now it working I just need to se the border style using the setBorderStyle(‘cloudy’)


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