Is it possible to use PDF.js Express with PDFTron Flattener and pdfDoc.removeSecurity()

We have a license for PDF.js Express, what would be the extra cost to use PDFTron Flattener and pdfDoc.removeSecurity() is this an option or do we have to buy a seperate license?

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To use PDFTron functionality you would have to license PDFTron WebViewer - features cannot be mixed and matched unfortunately.

Express does not have the functionality to manipulate documents in any way.

If you do decide to upgrade to PDFTron, we we be happy to discount/refund you the price of your PDF.js Express license.


Hi Logan

can you please advise how we go forward with getting a PDFTron license, we will need a PDFTron license with Flattener and PDFNet so we can call pdfDoc.removeSecurity().

Our PDF.js express account username is

This is URGENT.


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You can contact our sales team here for a quote.

I’ll let them know I sent you and that its urgent.