Large PDF with 50+ annotations/comments takes more than 40 seconds to load and freezes browser

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Plus
UI version: 8.7.0
Core version: 8.7.4

Detailed description of issue
A client of ours is working with a large 130 page construction drawings PDF (80MB). It loads fairly quickly when it is fresh without any annotations. But the current state of this PDF for them has more than 50 annotations and comments, and it takes more than 40 seconds for it to load. And after loading for an initial 10 seconds, the browser freezes, further confusing this client. Once I get a browser popup saying the page is unresponsive, if I just click wait it eventually loads after about 40 seconds.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
It happens with every document that is this large with this many annotations.

Link to document
Please send me a PM and I can send you this document together with the annotations xfdf string.

Code snippet
We save annotations to our own database, as an xfdf string. This string is loaded onto a new loaded document on the web viewer with the following code in the attached image:

Hello psilva,

Can you provide a sample document to test this?

Thank you,

I sent you a PM with this info.

@tgordon Could you please assist us with this? I’ve been waiting for your reply to my last PM for almost a week. Thanks.

@tgordon @tyler We have been waiting 15 days (!) since I last replied to you on PM, and we have not been helped yet with our issue… Are you unable then to fix or help us with this issue and should we use another solution/service then?..