License questions

Hi everyone!
Ive been investigating quite a few options for PDF handler for a customer.
And i came acress pdfjs express and it seems to fill all the requirements.

But, just a question regarding licenses, is Viewer license 100% free?
Cant seem to find any legal limitations and so forth.

The only feature im after is:
Drag and drop images and get the base64 of the result, and the solution will be used inhouse and not exposed to external people.

Is it 100% free and without any “timelimits” etc?


Hello par.pettersson,

Everything that is included with the free pricing of PDFJS Express can be found here: PDF.js License Pricing for Commercial Viewer | PDF.js Express

There are no “timelimits”, and we have a demo version you can try here as well:
PDF.js Express demo version

Regarding viewing image files, please see: PDF.js Express Viewer File Format Support | Documentations

PDF.js Express Web Viewer is built around the PDF.js project which currently only supports PDF documents based on the ISO 32000 specification.

If you are looking for image viewing capability, I suggest checking our WebViewer which support a large number of image file types: Apryse Documentation | Documentation

Best regards,