Missing documentation for annotation -- leads to 404 page

Documentations are missing for quite a few things. 404 pages

Hi Karin,

Some of the pages might have been down while we were experiencing technical issues with our hosting service but they should be up and running now. If you continue to see these issues please let us know which pages are missing and we can investigate further.


Not available D:

Hi Karin,

It looks like that is actually an old URL. You can find the documentation you’re looking for here: https://pdfjs.express/api/Core.Annotations.Annotation.html

May I ask where you found that link before? We’d like to make sure all of our links are up to date to avoid these issues in the future.



Hey sorry im unable to backtrace where I found this! I do know that there are a few dead links found on the same page. I will let you know if I come across