Need to highlight annotation on mouse hover

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PDF.js Express Viewer
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Detailed description of issue
Hey there,I want to highlight my annotation with some background color on hover. Is there an api which can be used for that?

Expected behaviour
When I hover over an annotation it should be highlighted and when the mouse is removed from the annotation it should be disappeared. I dont want to add an extra highlightannotation over it. Is there some overlay property that can be used for it? Just to indicate that there is an annotation over there.

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We do not have a nice API for this, however it is possible by listening to a mouse move event and changing the color of the annotation when its hovered:

  let highlightedAnnot = null;
  let lastHighlightedColor = null;

  // Change this to change the highlight color
  const highlightColor = new instance.Core.Annotations.Color(255,0,0,1);

  instance.Core.documentViewer.addEventListener('mouseMove', (e) => {

    // Check if an annotation is under the mouse
    const annot = instance.Core.annotationManager.getAnnotationByMouseEvent(e)
    if(annot) {

     // Break early if its already highlighted
      if(highlightedAnnot) return;

      // Make sure its a highlight annotation
      if(annot instanceof instance.Core.Annotations.TextHighlightAnnotation) {
        const {R,G,B,A} = annot.StrokeColor

        // Store the original color of the annotation so we can revert back to it when its unhovered
        lastHighlightedColor = new instance.Core.Annotations.Color(R,G,B,A);

       // Store the instnace of the annot so we can revert it when its unhovered
        highlightedAnnot = annot;

        // Set the color and redraw
        annot.StrokeColor = highlightColor;
    } else if(highlightedAnnot) {
     // Revert the annotation back to its original state when unhovered
      highlightedAnnot.StrokeColor = lastHighlightedColor;
      highlightedAnnot = null;
      lastHighlightedColor = null;