Pdf.js Express watermark is not getting removed in the viewer

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Viewer

PDF.js Express Version
UI version - ‘8.7.0’
Core version - ‘8.7.1’
webviewer.min.js - ‘8.7.1’
Build - ‘MS8yMC8yMDIzfGIzYTExOTI2Yw==’
WebViewer Server - false
Full API - false

Detailed description of issue
Pdf.js Express watermark is not removed from the PDF viewer.
The licence key to PDF.js Express Viewer is provided.
The licence key is attached to linkz.ai
The viewer is hosted on pdf.linkz.ai domain.
Here is the link to the implemented viewer: Linkz.ai PDF Viewer

What else could I be missing?

Expected behaviour
No Pdfjs watermark

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting pdf.js express forums,

Please note that in development environment (i.e. localhost) there will be a watermark:

Also, we recommend your UI/Core versions to be matched.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hi Kevin, I’m looking at the prod environment here Linkz.ai PDF Viewer on the pdf.linkz.ai domain and watermarks are still visible.

I have installed the viewer via the npm (the latest version today) and built the app using esbuild (bundled and minified).

Do you have other suggestions for what to look at?


Hi there,

I am unable to see the watermark in the link you provided.

Could you please clear your browser cache and retry?

One thing to verify is if you are using the express Viewer vs express Pro as they have different license keys and packages.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Thanks, It indeed works in an incognito window, though inconsistent, after a few refreshes, PDF stops to load and I see this error in the console. I do see the request with the license key with the 200 response in the dev tools. What it might be ?

Hi there,

Glad that worked out for you,

I tried refreshing a dozen times but was unable to reproduce your issue above. Can you please provide step by step reproduction steps?

Is this something you can possibly reproduce in the demo site?

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hm, now I can’t reproduce it anymore. I’ll keep an eye on it and will let you know if it happens again. Thanks for your help!