Position of Signature Tools Areas

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
I have hide other element on Signature Modal and only Show Two Types of Signature one is Draw and second is Type where user will Input its Text and Create a Signature from Text.

Expected behaviour
Need to Move position of both Type i want to select Type as Default Signature option for User

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
Yes on every document

Link to document

Code snippet


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Hi there,

We do not have an API to move the position of the tab, however you can set the “Type” tab as default by calling:

instance.setSelectedTab('signatureModal', 'textSignaturePanelButton');


When i’m click on my annonation its set Guest as default signature can we change Guest to our Custome Sign as default ?

how i can Change textSignaturePanelButton Value ?

Hi Baowen,

You can set the default value by changing the current user. You can do this like so:

    const {annotManager} = instance;
    annotManager.setCurrentUser('User Name');


Thanks but the solution is not reflecting when i click on Sign.

    annotManager.setCurrentUser('My username')

is there any thing else ?

Hi Baowen,

What version are you running? Can you try updating to 7.3.9? This snippet works for me just fine when I click sign in a PDF document:

  instance.setSelectedTab('signatureModal', 'textSignaturePanelButton');
  annotManager.setCurrentUser('unique user');

Is this the behaviour you were expecting?: