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Hi. If I have an instance const instance = getInstance(); - is there a way to recreate iframe if original iframe was destroyed when the modal was closed? I am showing PDF preview in a modal and after closing it the iframe disappears from DOM. But the instance is still there. I don’t really can instance.UI.loadDocument because I’m using config files and sending a blob from parent window to iframe and calling loadDocument from config file.

If every time I open modal I’ll call

            path: 'patht/to/pdfJsViewer/public',
            config: 'patht/to/pdfJsViewer/config.js',

then I’ll have multiple viewer instances… Or is there a way how to detect from file config.js that the iFrame will be destroyed? Maybe some event or something else?

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We generally recommend you not to re-instantiate the viewer instance, however you could try using the dispose() method: PDFJS Express WebViewer Namespace: UI or
PDFJS Express WebViewer Class: DocumentViewer

A possible solution could be to toggle the viewer modal via visibility:hidden or height:0 / width:0 PDF.js Express Viewer Integration Best Practices | Documentation

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