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I am looking for a way to replace the crosshair shown before placing a sticky note icon on the page with a different icon. Is this possible?

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Hi Crauch,

You can set the sticky note’s cursor to a custom icon like so:

          const { documentViewer, Tools } = instance.Core;
          const stickyTool = Tools.StickyCreateTool;
          documentViewer.addEventListener('toolModeUpdated', (tool) => {
            if (tool instanceof stickyTool) {
              tool.cursor = `url("${img}"), default`;

Where img is a base64 encoded image. Here is a little helper function I made for you that can convert a url/filePath into a base64 image

          const getBase64Image = async (url) => {
            const response = await fetch(url);
            const blob = await response.blob();
            const reader = new FileReader();
            await new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
              reader.onload = resolve;
              reader.onerror = reject;
            return reader.result;