Rollback to older version of express js viewer

Which product are you using?
PDF.js Express Viewer

PDF.js Express Version
Current version - 8.7.4
Version Desired - 8.7.2

Detailed description of issue
I’m using the manual integration method of using express JS viewer. When I click on the download button here, PDF.js Express Plus Download & Integration | Documentation, the latest version (8.7.4) gets downloaded automatically. I want to know how I can download an older version like 8.7.2 of the manual integration method.

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Is there a reason why you need 8.7.2? We do not have a 8.7.2 build available on our website.
However if you download 8.7.2 via npm and then move the static files over (core, ui, min.js) to your project, then you could use the 8.7.2 version.

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Kevin Kim

Thanks, it worked.

Yes, the main reason for the rollback was programmatic search using the UI.searchText was not working in 8.7.4. It would just fail silently on some PDFs and nothing would happen. I found some forum posts complaining about the same issue and suggested rolling back to 8.7.2 or earlier. I found that this fixed the issue to some extent but not completely. 8.7.2 has its own issues in searching. For instance, sometimes the search is successful in the PDF viewer but I do not receive any callback or sometimes, I receive multiple callbacks. Some say no result was found and some say 1 result was found (which is the expected behavior).

Is there any stable version that I can roll back to where search works best?

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Generally the latest version will have more fixes but we are not aware of any specific search issues that occur.
You mentioned that UI.searchText is not working on the latest version, can you share a video or a minimal reproducible sample?

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Kevin Kim