Stamp annotation is not proper

Hello , @Logan @zzhang

Using below code i can put stamp on all pdfs properly at desired coordinates.

      var stampAnnot = new annotations.StampAnnotation();
      stampAnnot.PageNumber = 1;
      stampAnnot.X = 463;
      stampAnnot.Y = 463;
      stampAnnot.Width = 155;
      stampAnnot.Height = 52;
      stampAnnot.ImageData = `.....`
     stampAnnot.Author = await annotManager.getCurrentUser();

But the issue comes when I use pdf which is converted from image or other doc.
The pdf converted is perfectly fine but when i use same above code for stamp
it puts stamp on different position.
Which means coordinate X= 463, Y= 463 is different in different PDF’s which has been converted from other types of doc. ( image, word etc).

Please suggest me any solution to it as i am stuck in this since 5 days.
I am emailing you the sample PDFs on which i am facing issues on

Abhishek Maurya

Hey there!

I cannot reproduce your issue. My guess is that since the size of the documents you are opening are different, X and Y of 463 appears different than a standard PDF. For example, if the document is 500 pixels wide, X of 463 will make the stamp right against the right edge of the document. But if the document is 900 pixels wide, the stamp will be right in the middle.

Closing this issue as it is not reproducable.