Trigger 'mouseMove' and 'click' event while drawing an annotation


We are trying to get area value of an annotation while drawing it. While drawing, on every single click we want to fetch area of that annotation.
For now when we complete drawing the annotation, on double click we are getting area.
Could you please tell us how we can trigger click event while drawing an annotation so we can
get area at every point.

Thank you.


It sounds like you are wanting to get the area of a polygon annotation when users are drawing it.

To do this, you can listen to the mouseMove event of docViewer. Then inside the event callback you can use docViewer.getToolMode to get the current tool. Once you have checked the current tool is the polygon tool, you can access the drawing annotation by tool.annotation. Now since you have the annotation object you can use getPath and do calculations to get the area.

Best Regards,
Zhijie Zhang