Unble to load pdf in the non localhost environment

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PDF.js works with localhost and renders pdf. but when using in production documnet content is always blank

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Thanks for reaching out to pdfjs express forums,

We will need more information, could you provide any screenshots/videos of the errors including console errors as well as any sample code you are using to load the document/initialize the viewer.
Also if you are using pdf.js express viewer or pro and the version number.

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Kevin Kim

No error in the browser log. using the config property to overcome cross origin error.


Following warning is there in the deployed website:
Config file requested to be loaded by origin https://demo.xxxx.com. Please include this origin inside lib/ui/configorigin.txt to allow it to request config files.

Other item noticed is, pdfjsConfig.js file passed as a config is not being called in the deployed website, where as in local its being called in the browser network tab

code used:
custom: JSON.stringify(customData),
config: ${window.location.protocol}//${window.location.host}:${PORT}/public/pdfjsConfig.js,
licenseKey: ‘wyevv42e6IDA38ng99OF’

Hi there,

Have you followed the guide here to setup the config file?
Loading PDF.js Express from a CDN or another origin | Documentation)-copy-assets-to-cdn

Can you share a screenshot of the network request in the production site?

Does it work if you try absolute URL as the path?

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Kevin Kim

Thanks alot , it got worked after adding domain in configorigin.txt file.

pdf files are loading now