XSS execute script in pdf file

Hi team,

Could you please my issue,

I used PDF JS Express Viewer on your site , Version: ‘8.7.0’.

In PDF File has function execute script, i dont want to execute this function.

Could you support prevent xss with pdfjsexpress viewer .

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sample_test.pdf (3.7 KB)

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to pdf.js express forums,

Opening your provided PDF on Chrome, I can see that there is a password requirement:

Please follow the forum post guide here on opening PDFs with password:

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Kevin Kim

Hi kkim,

it’s just script in my pdf file, you can check code

try {
var cResponse = app.response({cQuestion: "Enter your password to access this page: "});
catch (e) {app.alert('abcd'); }
})() )

this script in my pdf file.

And i dont want to execute this script

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Hi there,

What you could use is the disableEmbeddedJavaScript API

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

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Best Solution.

Thanks for your support @kkim .