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PDF.js Express Viewer(8.4.0)

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Can the ‘Next Page’ and ‘Previous Page’ buttons be centered on both sides of the document?
If I can, how can I do it?


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Hey there,

We do not have an API for this, but you have a few options still:

  1. Our UI is open source, so you could go in and move/add the buttons yourself. Here is a guide on using our open source UI.

  2. You could overlay your own buttons over the viewer and use the setCurrentPage API to trigger the page change. Here’s an example:

  const nextButton = document.createElement('button')
  nextButton.innerHTML = "Next"
  nextButton.style.position = 'absolute'
  nextButton.style.top = '50%'
  nextButton.style.right = '0'
  nextButton.style.zIndex = '9999'
  nextButton.onclick = () => {
      instance.Core.documentViewer.getCurrentPage() + 1
  const container = instance.UI.iframeWindow.document.querySelector('.DocumentContainer')


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