Adding named destinations

Hi, does pdf.js express allow adding named destinations?

We’re evaluating a use case for a new app wherein we would highlight some text, and create a named destination for that location, so it can be linked to from our web app. We’d also save the highlight annotation to the file.

Is that something pdf.js express supports? I’ve been through the docs and this forum, but have had no luck.


Hi there!

Thanks for checking out PDF.js Express.

We do support adding bookmarks to a document in the viewer, however we do not support saving them into the document (we do not support any document manipulation).

If you’re okay with not saving them into the document, a good place to start would be here.

If you do need to save it into the document, consider checking out our sister product, PDFTron Webviewer. It fully supports bookmarks including saving them into the document.