Explicity destination with document works but named destination doesn't?

Hi Logan.

I’ve received the following bug report from our client. You can access the document she’s talking about with the credentials I previously provided in a private message. The document is at the relative URL /library/ncc_2019_volume_three_amendment_1. I’m able to reproduce the issue locally - if I click on the first link mentioned, it takes me to the definition. Clicking on the second link goes instead to the top of the page. I don’t have a PDF editor so have been unable to confirm the details of Michelle’s analysis myself.



Tested with :

  • Firefox 86 on Windows 10 (with pdf.js)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • pdfjs.express in the mybig Staging environment.

The problem does not occur in Firefox with pdf.js or Acrobat Reader DC

To reproduce:

Page 215 of NCC Volume Three am 1 has 2 links to the Performance Solutions definition on the same page.

The link that works is Performance Solutions in the paragraph starting "Performance-based design brief " and is an Explicit Destination see (PDF Spec). For the test doc it is:

image 1 attached

The link that does not work is Performance Solutions in the paragraph starting “Performance Requirement” is a Named Destination

** image 2 attached

Perhaps the duplicated hash is not supported by pdfjs.express?

You can test and share this PDF as it is not a restricted Licensed Document.

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Thanks for the bug report. Are you able to download this document and send it to me so I can test it locally?


Hi Logan,
Can I send you the file directly?



Yes, absolutely. You can PM me here!

Can I confirm you received this document and if so, do you have an update on the issue?


I did not receive the document. Did you send it in a DM?

I tried a number of times. It kept getting rejected by your system. I assumed the last one got through because I didn’t get an error.

I will try again.


I can reproduce your issue, however I am not sure exactly what is causing it.

Unfortunately my team member that specializes in this kind of thing is away for a week or two. Once he is back we will investigate this issue further and hopefully release a fix.

Sorry for the long delay on this.

I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks very much Logan. We’ll look forward to hearing back from you when he’s back.



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Hi @Logan.

I’ve just been asked to follow up on this question, so I’m doing so :slight_smile:



Hi Nigel!

He just got back a few days ago, I’m just giving him a bit of time to catch up and then I’ll work with him to fix this. Hopefully we can have a patch ready next week.

Thanks for your patience,

Thanks very much Logan! We’ll look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi @nigel

We finally found a fix for this and will push a patch soon. Thank you for your patience.


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