Breaking change with CheckButtonWidgetAnnotation

Hey team,

Just a heaps up (as this caught us).

There was an update somewhere between 7.3.9 to 8.4.0 which changed the object of a CheckButtonWidgetAnnotation from a Checkbox element to a to Div wrapper element.

This meant that this code previously working:

el.addEventListener(‘change’, e => {
//save value ( to server here

Is no longer being triggered.

Our solution was to instead use the blur even to capture the blur event and save the value

el.addEventListener(‘blur’, () => {
//save value (checkBoxField.value === “On”) to server here

This could have just been us missing this in the documentation. But I just thought I’d give a heads up in case anyone else has run into this problem.

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Hey there!

Thanks for this info - this is probably an unintended breaking change we made.

I’ll let the core team know to keep this kind of thing in mind moving forwards.