Opacity changing is firing unnecessary annotation changed event

When I’m changing opacity its firing annotaton changed mutlitple time, can we get it only when it stops. is there any way to get annotation changed fire only once on one point only.

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Hi there!

We have a fix coming for this in the next version (aiming for beginning of July).

For now, you can debounce the event like so:

  let debounce;
  instance.annotManager.on('annotationChanged', () => {
    debounce = setTimeout(() => {
    }, 100) // you can adjust this number to suite your needs

This code just sets a timeout that will get executed after 100ms, but clears that timeout every time the event is fired, effectively making the code inside the timeout execute only when the user is done sliding the slider.


When will the release come? Can you please let me know the date

Hi there,

We do not have an exact date, but it is expected early-mid July.


is this fix already released? I`m facing the same issue with the slider

Hey there,

It appears there was a regression and this has started happening again. I’ve alerted the team and we’ll have it fixed soon.