Commercial licence activation

Dear Support…

I’ve well understood that we need an internet connection with your server in order to get our licence activated.
What I can’t understand is how is it working technically

  • Do we need to keep the connection with your server at any time ?
  • Do we need to keep the connection with your server only for merge/flat ?
  • Do we need a connection with your server only for loading a new document ?

I don’t see anything in your documentation explaining that. The only thing that I see in your document is that we need a “YOUR_LICENCE_KEY”


Thanks in advance for your lighting in this field.
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Hello, I’m Ron, an automated tech support bot :robot:

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Internet connection is only required on page load, which is where your license key gets sent to our server for validation. After that, the app will work normally without a connection.

So at the end of the day, an internet connection is required when loading the SDK (every page load), but you do not need to “keep” that connection after that point (unless you need to load a document over the network or use one of our REST APIs).

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Thank you !
Thank your for this quick answer ! :smiley:
When you are talking about “page load”, are you talking about the HTML page loading ?..

You are talking about the “end of the day”, why do I have to load the SDK in the end of day ?

In case I never close my project (keep the page loaded), I understand I don’t need an internet connection ?

That’s important to well understand how all of this works before moving on a licence purchase.
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Yes that is correct, I mean the HTML page loading.

“at the end of the day” is an expression, I don’t mean literally at the end of the day.

Maybe this diagram will help:

This flow only happens once, only when the page is first loaded.

After this initial transaction, internet is no longer required (so you are correct, if you keep your page open everything should be fine).


Thank you for this answer which is clear ! :+1:

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Dear kind support.

No connection to PDF.JS Server means that documents are watermarked.

Is it legal to work with documents Watermarked in case an internet connection is not possible ?

Thanks in advance for your help in this field.
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If you have a production license and this is not your primary use case, then yes this is fine. However if your application is primarily offline, then no this would not be ok and we would recommend upgrading to PDFTron WebViewer.