Date picker widget dropdown years are too limited

Hi team,

I am using the DatePickerWidgetAnnotation and I have noticed that when you click the dropdown for years, it doesn’t go back very far. The set is too limited, can we have this expanded please? Or is there an option to configure it? It makes it difficult for users to enter things such as their DOB without typing it in manually instead of using the widget.


Cheers, Luke

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Hey Luke,

So sorry about the late reply.

I have asked the team how to change this and will get back to you ASAP with an anwser.



You can call this as soon as Express is done loading:

WebViewer({...}).then(instance => {
   instance.Annotations.DatePickerWidgetAnnotation.datePickerOptions.yearRange = [1990, 2050];

The first item in the array is the lower bounds, the second item is the upper bounds.


Thanks Logan, worked like a charm.