Error when loading base64 document

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PDF.js Express plus

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I keep getting “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘split’)” when I try to load base64 document
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Hey there,

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Can you please provide me with sample code showing how you are loading the document? Also if you have a document that you can reproduce with, sending that over would be helpful as well.


hey Logan,
here is a code sample of how I am loading the document.

//first convert the base64 string to blob
// is a base64 string 

const doc = fetch(
  .then(res => res.blob())

//then load the document using the blob
instance.UI.loadDocument(doc, { filename: 'myfile.pdf' });

Hi there,

fetch returns a Promise that you are not waiting for - you need to await it or move your loadDocument call into the last then block.