How do I enable the outlines in the left panel

I am using PDF.JS Express viewer. This should be a simple answer, but I can’t find the documentation. Currently my PDF displays with the left panel only including thumbnail navigation. How do I enable the navigation by outline? I am using the manual integration with the standard WebViewer method.

version 8.7.2

I see the button in the viewer.html

<button id="viewOutline" class="toolbarButton" title="Show Document Outline (double-click to expand/collapse all items)" tabindex="3" data-l10n-id="document_outline" role="radio" aria-checked="false" aria-controls="outlineView">
                 <span data-l10n-id="document_outline_label">Document Outline</span>

Outlines and bookmarks are included in the Express Viewer:


Hi Mark,

You can achieve this with:

  1. Enabling the button on load:
  1. Setting the active panel to the outlines panel:

Best regards,

Thanks, that works. I also noticed that it was disabled in UIConfig.js.