How to download Pdf with annotations

As I am trying to download pdf with annotations, but I am facing some issues with print() method.

Referenced from here -

But when I trigger print method, it prints in tilted direction. But in viewer it looks properly. Is there any solution for this.

Also how can we send only a selected pages to print.? (code snippet would be helpful).

Hi there,

We are currently working on fixing this bug. We’ll let you know when its resolved in the announcements category.

Calling instance.print should open the print model, and in there you can select the pages to print.


This bug is still not fixed in newer Pdfjs-express 7.1.0. Still plan is getting rotated.


It looks properly in webviewer but not on print.

Hi there!

This bug was not fixed in 7.1, it will be fixed in a future release.