How to remove Rubber stamp like Area & linear using annotation.popPath();

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
On some action I able to remove that last added point of AnnotationCreateAreaMeasurement and AnnotationCreatePerimeterMeasurement by using below code snippet.


Now I want to do the same scenario for rubber stamp - I will be getting that annotation object and then remove by popPath()
Expected behaviour
I should be able to remove that added rubber stamp. [Not by using delete]

Code snippet

const currentTool = this.viewerInstance.getToolMode();
if (currentTool.annotation && currentTool.annotation.popPath) {

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Any updates on above issue?

Hi Kiran,

It is not possible to use popPath() on a Stamp Annotation. This is because popPath removes the last line segment of an annotation. Since the Stamp Annotation contains no line segments/paths it can not extend the functionality of popPath. To remove a Stamp Annotation I recommend using the deleteAnnotation API like so: