How to restrict accessing ip address through your Rest API?

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Detailed description of issue
As stated in the documentation, “The max file size for an in memory file is 5.5mb. If your file is larger than that, it must be accessible via URL, and the URL must be passed to this parameter”
We need to handle this and put some ip address restriction for security reasons.
Currently, belongs to Does it fixed or your api endpoint changes its ip address occasionally?

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The IP is static and won’t change.


No, it’s not actually static with
You’re accessing from the below IPs randomly. Please check again.


Yes I think you’re right - sorry, I was getting this mixed up with our authentication server which is a static IP.

I cannot guarantee that the IPs will stay the same due to our server infrastructure for the REST API.

You will have to find a way to whitelist things at a domain level, or find another solution.