URL for files larger then 5.5mb, merge api call

Which product are you using?

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue

I’m using REST API to merge annotations into a document . When I have pdf document larger that 5.5mb instead of file I need to upload file on some server and then pass public URL to API params.

To do that I will need to upload file on some server and make URL public. That is security issue for us and I cannot make that file open for everyone. Does merge api call support credentials? And if not can you please give me some suggestion how we can securely pass file in merge api call?

Expected behaviour

Pass URL in merge api call with credential.

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?

Any document larger the 5.5 mb

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While you wait for one of our customer support representatives to get back to you, please check out some of these documentation pages:



You can pass the headers parameter - the headers you sent here will be forwarded with the request we make to download your file. You can secure your files this way.

See the Body params section of the documentation you posted (here).

Let me know if this does not work for you.