How to set FillColor and StrokeColor of TextHighlightAnnotation

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I need to set FillColor and StrokeColor of TextHighlightAnnotation.
I tried set:

const { Annotations } = this.viewerCore;
const annot = new this.Annotations.TextHighlightAnnotation();
annot.StrokeColor = strokeColor;
annot.FillColor = fillColor;
annot.FillDisplayColor = fillColor;

but I receive only highlight text, without border.
Moreover this works correctly when I export xfdf annotation and import them back.
How can I achieve it?

Hi there,

It looks like you are missing the addAnnotation and drawAnnotation after creating the highlight annotation.
Please follow the guide here to create a highlight annotation:

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

I call addAnnotation and drawAnnotation after creating the highlight annotation, just I not include it in code sample.

1.) When I import this sample annotation
2.) When I try to add this annotation immadiantely with addAnnotation and drawAnnotation method

Hi there,

Thanks for your response,

For the 1st example, it looks like there is no fill color/opacity compared to 2nd example.
Could you share the XFDF for both annotations to compare?

best regards,
Kevin Kim

I don’t have XFDF for both annotations because:

  • the 2nd was created programmaticaly,
  • the 1st one from xfdf importAnnotations

It’s looks like when I try add annotation programmaticaly 0.5 opacity on content doesn’t work, but during importing works correctly. (or if opacity work, I lose border)
I tried also redrawAnnotation but this was not effectively.
How can I achieve it with TextHighlightAnnotation during adding programmaticaly?

Hi there,

To get the XFDF of all the annotations in your PDF, you can call annotationManager.exportAnnotations()

For text highlight annotation, there is no border property:

I think the XFDF that you are importing has a opacity property and that is why it is causing the difference.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Did stroke property shouldn’t work for it? I was set stroke property correctly.

Hi there,

To get the alpha of the fill color, you will want to adjust the ‘StrokeColor’ with a 4th number,
highlight.StrokeColor = new Annotations.Color(255, 255, 0, 0.5);

StrokeThickness may be the attribute you are looking for.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim