I cannot use PDF.JS Express to open a PDF file by url in a Vue Project, please help me figure out how is that happen

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
{When I download the Vue Demo on the website, I replace the default file path to my own file path, But
it just can’t work. The console of Chrome give me the error info:“Access to fecth ‘url’ has been blocked by CORS policy”}. It means that the url is on another remote server, pdf.js express can’t open it. However, I have solved the CORS problem to make sure every file can be fetched from every request. I can open the same file in Chrome or any other pdf viewer software. Can anyone help me?

Expected behaviour
{I expecte to open the remote file by url in a Vue Project.}

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
{Every document}

Link to document

Code snippet
path: this.path,
initialDoc: “”,
// replace with your own PDF file
}, this.$refs.viewer).then((instance) => {
// call apis here

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Hi there,

The URL you provided leads to an error page, so I’m guessing that that’s the problem. Please make sure your document is available at that URL.