Pdfjs express on vue3

I am trying to implement the pdfjs express plus demo on vue3, with the actual version 8.7.0 but when i use the VUEJS demo and update the package, it keeps showing this errors:

File extension pdf" is not supported. Please see Apryse Documentation | Documentation for a full list of file formats supported by WebViewer

i am not changing anything, the code is the same.

    <label for="file_upload">Choose A file</label>
    <input type="file" id="file_upload" name="file_upload" accept=".pdf" />
    <div ref="viewer"></div>

/* eslint-disable */
import WebViewer from '@pdftron/pdfjs-express';

export default {
  name: 'WebViewer',
  props: {
    path: String,
    url: String,
  mounted: function() {
        path: this.path,
        initialDoc: this.url, // replace with your own PDF file
    ).then((instance) => {

      const input = document.getElementById('file_upload');

      input.addEventListener('change', () => {
        // Get the file from the input
        const file = input.files[0];
        instance.loadDocument(file, { filename: file.name });

Its there a way to update the pdfjs version on the try free demo, because i need to know if i can achieve what i need to buy the license

Hello Juan,

Could you please provide a minimal sample of your project along with a screenshot of the error?

If possible, could you also try to use our Vue 2 sample below? You can update to Vue 3 and change the version of pdf.js under “@pdftron/pdfjs-express” in the dependencies.

Best Regards,
Darian Chen