I have license, but still show watermark

I get a free viewer license key in this domain(themebucket net) but still showing the pdfjs.express watermark. Why it happened?
page URL: PDF JS view – WordPress Playground

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I am also facing the same problem. I have license and it was working earlier, suddenly it started showing watermarks. Let me know how to remove it?.

Hi there,

You are using a free license key with the plus version of the SDK. Make sure you are using the viewer package and not the plus package.


Hello there @Logan ,
I use the viewer SDK and created an profile with free license key, then added it to WebViewer constructor but in my console it says

PDFJS.express: A valid license key is required to use the view only build of PDF.js Express.

and here is the WebViewer constructor

        licenseKey: 'added key here',
        path: 'path/to/js/PDFJSExpress/lib', // path to the PDF.js Express'lib' folder on your server
        initialDoc: 'some url here',
      }, document.getElementById('viewer'))

and I followed the instructions in Manuall Integration.