Issue with multiple annotations in single xfdf

I’m trying to redo annotations but i’am getting multiple annotations in single xfdf. However i am getting each annotation object separately in ‘annotationChanged’ event but while generating xfdf using “exportAnnotCommand()” method , xfdf contains format like example/screensshot given below. But i am trying to get single xfdf which contains only one annotation data at a time Or could you please provide some explanation about this issue/functionality (if its correctly working). How can i access each annotation’s data from xfdf like below example.

Generated xfdf example from " exportAnnotCommand " is as below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> some data some data some data

Screen Shot of xfdf example :

Thank you,
Vivek Sonawane.


exportAnnotCommand does not have a way to export for just a single annotation.

However, what you’re trying to accomplish might already be done for you in the annotation history manager

Let me know if this helps!

Hello ,
Thank you for the reply. But actually we are deleting some annotations at a same time and when annotations gets deleted , if we undo the changes, as expected ‘annotationChanged’ event generates annotation object for each deleted annotation separately but while generating xfdf it supposed to generate xfdf separately for each object of annotation but its not happening at all. instead it generate multiple annotations in single xfdf and for the remaining annotation it generates empty xfdf strings.
if its a bug then could you please tell us when will it get resolved and resolved.

Thank you,
Vivek Sonawane


As I mentioned before, exportAnnotationCommand can not get the XFDF for a single annotation, this is expected.

If you want to get the XFDF, and not the annotation command for a single annotation, [exportAnnotations]( accepts an annotList option that lets you specify what annotations you want the XFDF for.

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