XFDFs not loaded completely when imported

When we load/ import annotation XFDFs from DB. We have stored entire xfdf string in DB which contains all the informations and coordinates in it.

It gets only this piece of string (in above picture). It doesn’t contain information regarding the annotations in it like scale, precision, color, stroke color, fill color, coodinates etc.

We have used an event “annotationSelected”. When we select an annotation from webviewer, it doesn’t fetch the entire XFDF information of that annotation.

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Would you be able to share the code you are using to get the XFDF string?

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Here I have used an event of “annotationSelected”. When I select an already drawn annotation, I get annotation and its action. But i am unable to get selected annotation’s XFDF. I have stored entire XFDF and id of annotation in the backend of pre-drawn annotation.


You are using the exportAnnotCommand API instead of the exportAnnotations API. The exportAnnotations API should produce the results you want.

Let me know if you run into any more issues.


Annotations are getting shuffled on on pasteCopiedAnnotations(). Like rubber stamp always gets pasted on last. While AnnotationCreateAreaMeasurement, and AnnotationCreatePerimeterMeasurement are as per the selected copied annotations.