Keyboard not open in "scale of measurement"

we are using version 8.2.0 and I want to manage scale of measurement in my IOS device. when I click on input filed of scale it doesn’t open keyboard.

Please check the video evidence below.

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How are you loading Express in a native app? Are you using a Web view?


Yes, I am using web view…

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I’m not exactly sure what is going on here. When I load the app in a browser on a phone the inputs appear just fine - this may be a bug with the WebView or something.

If it just those specific inputs that dont work?

This is the URL[…]/A_Sample_PDF.pdf&id=24805&company_id=204&user_id=19434

We are rending this URL in iOS’s Webview and also in native browser (safari/ chrome) but still its not working.

Yes, only “scale of measurement” is not working.

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Any update on above issue?