Merge XFDF API giving [502] Internal error on merge request

PDF.js Express Viewer
version :6.3.4 is getting 502 errors when sending requests to Merge XFDF. Please fix this issue as a priority.

 var xfdf = await annotManager.exportAnnotations({ links: false, widgets: false });
                        var fileData = await docViewer.getDocument().getFileData({});
                        var data = new FormData();
                        data.append('xfdf', xfdf);

                        // Process the file
                        var response = await fetch('', {
                            method: 'post',
                            // mode: 'no-cors',
                            body: data
                        }).then(resp => resp.json());

                        var { url, key, id } = response;

                        // Download the file
                        var mergedFileBlob = await fetch(url, {
                            headers: {
                                Authorization: key
                        }).then(resp => resp.blob())

                        var data_PDF = new FormData();
                        data_PDF.append('data' , mergedFileBlob);

We had the same problem, still not resolved.

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I’ve been having the same problem for over 4 hours, do you have any predictions for a solution?
I use the system commercially, I cannot take this kind of risk.

Same problem here as well. We’ve been encountering this issue for close to 24 hours by now. We use this API in production and a resolution is critical. Is there any timeframe for when this will be addressed?


Thank you for reaching out. We have discovered the source of the issue and it has been resolved. Please notify us if the issue persists.

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