Merging annotations through the PDF.JS Express API not work anymore

When merging annotations through the PDF.JS Express API show RED “DRAFT”
A week ago it worked well
What happened
I Attached an example (8.1 KB)

Please fix as soon as possible,

Our clients can’t use the app.

Hello, when we do sign documents as stamp, it bugs returning DRAFT when we do merge.

We need that fixed ASAP, please.

Thanks in advance

I can confirm we are experiencing the same issue after no changes to our application of any kind. Please fix ASAP our clients are very concerned.

Thank you,

Hey guys,

I can reproduce and will talk with the team to get this resolved ASAP. I’ll keep you posted.


Hi guys,

This should be resolved now. We made some changes to the API and upgraded the version of our core technology that we use to merge annotations, and there was a regression in that new version which caused this issue. We rolled back that upgrade and will investigate further.

I apologize for this - we’ll make sure to add a test for this so it doesn’t happen in the future.