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Can you please explain me how to merge PDF document with added signature annotation?
I add the signature and then expect that document will have signature attached to it after, but it doesn’t have.
I am calling annotManager.exportAnnotations() in order to then pass xfdfString to getFileData
function. Later, when I construct Blob and then download it, it doesn’t contain signature in it.

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Hey there!

Unfortunately PDF.js Express does not support merging annotations directly into the PDF yet. The document and XFDF would have to be saved separately, and then when the user re-opens the document, you would have to import the XFDF using the importAnnotations API.

However, we will be releasing a REST API service very shortly that can merge the XFDF directly into the PDF. When it is released, we will post an announcement in the Announcements category.


Hello Logan,

Thank you for your explanation. Can you maybe tell us roughly when do you plan to release that feature?
That way, we can make plans depending on that time period.

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Hey Marko,

We will be releasing the feature this week, probably tomorrow (June 3).

Thanks for quick response. Awesome!

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Hey Marko,

We have launched the API! Here is the announcement.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please open a new topic and we’ll be happy to help.