Need support for customizations in webviewer for distance tool


I have stuck with some changes which I am interested to change.
Guide me to these following changes:

  1. Distance (AnnotationCreateDistanceMeasurement) measurement tool while drawing should not show that real-time measurement like (10.5 sq. m.) over the double end arrowed line. It should be same as perimeter line. EXPECTED -Over the line, that meausurement should be removed/hidden.

  2. Sometimes on zoom in, plan doesn’t get clear. It remains blur. Then after again zoom out and zoom in, then it gets clear/visible to read text in the pdf. Don’t understand what’s the issue in rendering the pdf.

  3. Sometimes, it fails to load document and gets stuck with the loading. Happens for large & small single page pdf too. (Used - loadDocument())


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  1. I cannot reproduce this, the measurement fades out when hovered on all annotation tools. Make sure you are using the latest version

  2. Which version of PDF.js Express are you using? The zoom in issue should be fixed in 7.1.2.

  3. Are there any errors when loading these documents? I have a feeling this might be related to #2 so try upgrading.