Can we make plan abit faint (lines and colors too) on webviewer

PDF.js Express Version
Version: 7.2.0

Detailed description of issue
Here when I draw tracings like area and perimeter, they are too hard to notice when zoom out. So can we make plans a bit faint so that markings on plan should not get mixed with drawn annotations over plan. If there is any other solution for this then it will be very helpful.

Expected behaviour
Like this! Fainter. Easy to locate plan’s markings and drawn annotations.

Hey there,

We do not support any document manipulation so we do not have APIs to make things “fainter”.

A quick hack however could be changing the opacity of the document container.

  instance.docViewer.on('pageComplete', () => {

    const containers = instance.iframeWindow.document.body.querySelectorAll('.hacc');

    containers.forEach(item => { = 0.5


Note that this will not be applied to the downloaded PDF.