Not work with remix.js


Hope you are doing well!

I am using this library with the remix.js( but it not work with this plat form so could you please let me know that it is supported with remix.js

And if yes then could you please one demo of pdf annotation with remix.js?

Thank you.

Thank you for posting your question to our forum. We will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Hi Steven,

Here is a FAQ about frameworks: Which frameworks are compatible with PDF.js Express?
Not entirely sure why it does not work with remix.js, but it might be due to the SSR. Can you provide us with any errors you are getting?


Thankx for the replay.

We face the following error that i attached in screen shot.

Hi Steven,

From the error, it seems that WebViewer is unable to target the DOM element. Can you please send us a minimal reproducible sample of your project, so we can conduct our internal testing?

Question: Have you maybe tried our WebViewer?

*A minimal runnable reproducible sample refers to a simplified version of your project where unrelated/unnecessary code has been removed. The issue should still be reproducible in this simplified version.

This helps us isolate and understand the problem more efficiently. You can attach your project here or provide us with a download link or GitHub repo.

Here is the sendbox demo link and in terminal you able to see the error that we face.

Let me know if you have any query in demo.