PDF is displayed without previous annotations

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PDF.js Express Plus

PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
We open a PDF that contains annotations that are visible in Adobe PDF, but they are not displayed using PDF.js.
I’ve tried changing disableFlattenedAnnotations, but it doesn’t work.

Expected behaviour
This is what it should display:

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
This is the first time that we try to open a PDF with embedded annotations.

Link to document
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Code snippet
path: ‘/static/lib’,
initialDoc: FILE_NAME,
disableFlattenedAnnotations: false,
}, element).then(instance => {

const { docViewer, annotManager, Tools, Annotations, PDFNet, CoreControls } = instance;

// Document needs to be loaded before we can import annotations
instance.docViewer.on(‘documentLoaded’, async () => {

documentStream = await instance.docViewer.getDocument().getFileData({});
documentBlob = new Blob([documentStream], { type: 'application/pdf' });



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Hello hector.surjan,

  1. Are you able to send the file that is causing this issue? or can you send the XFDF from the document?
  2. I see youre using getFileData(), if you are trying to load the document that is returned from this function, you need to pass in the XFDF into the object like: getFileData({xfdfString: xfdf}) in order to get the document with the XFDF embedded.

Best regards
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer

Hello hector.surjan,

I was informed that this would require accessing the REST API instead,

Here is documentation on this: Extract XFDF using the Express REST API | Documentation
and some examples: Open a document, add annotations, download | Documentation

Best regards
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer