PDF.js Express 7.1.0

Today we happy to announce PDF.js Express 7.1.0!!

This is one of our largest releases since launch and contains many new features and bug fixes.

Ill go over some of the coolest features below, but you can view all the new features and bugfixes on the changelog.

New features

Added a line connecting comments in the notes panel to the corresponding annotation

This was a feature we used to have in an old old version of the viewer, and this release brings it back!

This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled with


Added the ability to rotate point based annotations via UI

Selecting certain annotations in the UI will now display a rotation handle which can be used to rotate the annotation.


Added the ability to copy an annotation by holding alt while clicking and dragging a selected annotation

Holding alt and dragging an annotation will duplicate that annotation and allow you to place the copy elsewhere on the document!


  • Fixed the bug where overlapping measurement annotations would have missing contents
  • Fixed the bug where calling loadDocument in rapid succession would cause the viewer to crash
  • Many other performance and styling bugfixes

View a full list of changes on the changelog